Solidarity Economy Principles


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reflection And Organizing Resources

The Solidarity Economy Principles and Practices are meant to support groups who wish to align with this vision and framework. Part of how we align is through regular reflection and integration.

You are welcome to try out this Organizing and Reflection tool with questions related to each principle, an accompanying facilitation guide, and downloadable PDF versions of the principles, practices, and themes. You are also welcome to find your own ways of reflecting and integrating. There is no one way to do it!

This tool tool was created by organizers to:

  • support our organizations to reflect internally on where we are, where we want to grow, and how we want to prioritize that growth and intentional change
  • support our organization to participate in a larger community of practice
  • support all of us to build solidarity economy movements, which requires alignment in our politics and actions

While you can do it on your own, if your group wants to commit to aligning with the Solidarity Economy Principles and Practices, please consider joining the Community of Practice where we gather as a diverse group of peers to learn and unlearn together. 

How to use the Organizing and Reflection Tool

(For best results, check out the Facilitation Guide first.)

You can choose to work on paper by downloading and printing copies of the tool, or you can make a copy of this google doc and type your answers. Soon there will also be a fully online version that will allow you to share your answers with the Community of Practice.

Organizers have found it helpful to have handouts of the Principles and Practices when going through the tool. You can choose to use those below or refer back to the website.

If this work supports you, please consider supporting this effort with a tax deductible donation.

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