Solidarity Economy Principles


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Want to learn more about the vision behind solidarity economy, and how you can orient towards movement building? Attend or request a workshop! All workshops are sliding scale.

Introduction to Solidarity Economy Movements

What is a solidarity economy movement? This popular education workshop covers the key elements of solidarity economy movement building through story, shared inquiry, and discussion. This workshop is suited for groups with any level of experience with solidarity economy.

Time: 2 hours   

Available in English, with French or Spanish interpretation

Introduction to Solidarity Economy Principles and Practices

What are the solidarity economy principles and practices, and how can you use them in your group? This participatory workshop introduces the solidarity economy as an organizing framework, and the principles and practices as tools for addressing the common struggles we have inside our organizations and networks. This workshop is suited for groups who are already using common solidarity economy tools (like cooperatives, land trusts, workplace democracy, etc.) and wish to learn more about how the principles and practices can apply to their work.

Time: 2 hours         

Available in English, with French or Spanish interpretation

Upcoming public versions of both workshops are available through our partnership with PeoplesHub online movement school. Check their website for registration details.

You can request a private workshop for your group, or a workshop at your upcoming conference, using the form below.

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