Solidarity Economy Principles


A pink and purple waterfall with small orange sparkles is cascading down purple hills to a pink river. Over the wateralls are the words The path to unity flows through accountability. The path to healing begins with justice.

What is solidarity economy?

Solidarity economy (SE) is an organizing framework for those who wish to create a systemic commitment to and practice of interdependence and collective liberation in the economic activities that meet our material needs.  Solidarity economy rests on our shared values: cooperation, democracy, social and racial justice, environmental sustainability, and mutualism. Interdependence and respect are central.

Solidarity economies are transformative — they redistribute power and resources to those who have been most harmed by white supremacy, settler colonialism, patriarchy, ableism, and capitalism — and meet an immediate material need for a community. They are not symbolic, but actually delivering the housing, food, education, culture, and other needs humans require to thrive. They challenge the power of systems based on individualism, profit, and private property.

For a more in-depth discussion of what we mean by Solidarity Economy click here.

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