Solidarity Economy Principles


A pink and purple waterfall with small orange sparkles is cascading down purple hills to a pink river. Over the wateralls are the words The path to unity flows through accountability. The path to healing begins with justice.

community of practice

Would you like to build solidarity economy movements by creating and nourishing relationships between our politically aligned groups? You’re not alone! 

Beginning in March 2023, the Solidarity Economy Principles collective is launching a Community of Practice for all groups that have committed to upholding and integrating the principles and practices. This community will gather quarterly to experiment with the reflection tool, share insights and experiences in this work, and nurture the relationships that form the bedrock of our solidarity economy movements.

Welcome! All it takes is getting a commitment from your group and filling out the form. There’s no fee to join. Just hit the Join button and we’ll follow up with what you need to get involved.

Not ready to make a commitment yet?

Explore how your group aligns with these Reflection and Organizing Tools.

You can also attend an upcoming public workshop on the Solidarity Economy Principles and Practices, and an Introduction to Solidarity Economy Movements, or request a workshop for your group.

If you’d like to chat with someone about the project, send us an email at

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